Maria Teambassline

Maria Teambassline

img 9938 retouch1.Name: Maria Estrada

2.Ethnicity: Hispanic

3.Describe your personality in one word.: Extraordinary

4. Whats your dream career:  Neonatal Nursing

5. What type of hobbies do you enjoy outside from work? Traveling, shopping, learning

6. How would friends and/or family describe you in three words? Optimistic, Creative, Dedicated

7. Are you driven by the determination to succeed or the fear of failure : Determination to succeed

8. What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning? : The thought of not knowing what positive moment life could bring me.

9. Who is your role model, and why? : My role model is my mother because she has taught me a life lesson on how to never give up and every time life brings me down get up and say Im a strong woman and I can get thru this.

10. What are your weaknesses? : Blind to the idea that not everyone is a kind or as good as they appear to be. It is both a blessing and a curse to forgive too early.

11. What are your strengths? : Enjoyable humanitarian traits



Contact : Damian 813-965-3540

Instagram : Follow @Mariaestrada2_

Photo Credit : Nickai Photo

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